Yoann Roth


Manual Osteopathic Practitioner 

Holistic therapy and Bodies-equilibrium 

Meditation Teacher 

Graduate of French Osteopathy School, 2012.

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As a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner, Yoann offers Holistic Health Care and Body Work Therapy. Yoann holds a Masters degree in Osteopathy (French School - 2012) and ran his own in-depth European Style Osteopathy practice for 9 years.
During the 9 years of independently running his practice in France, he continued post-graduate training specializing in neuromuscular, energetic, toddler, and sports care to increase performance and prevent pain and injury. 
European-style Osteopathy is a drug free, non-invasive manual therapy. Yoann's approach and practice is to restore and maintain the body’s balance and equilibrium. Each client receives tailored treatment depending on their age and medical history. Each session begins with a global check-up with questions, physical test, energetic testing, to allow a holistic approach in targeting and treating pain.