General health
What is Ayurveda ?

Ayurveda is the traditional healing system coming from India. Rooted in a holistic approach (body-mind-spirit), it uses dietary and lifestyle guidelines, herbal formulas, body treatments and self-care techniques such as yoga, breath work and meditation to correct imbalances and re-establish true health and well-being.

My method incorporates traditional Ayurveda and a modern approach adapted to your current lifestyle to help you reach your goals.

With easy-to-implement and practical steps to follow, you will soon start seeing positive changes in your body-mind.

Areas of expertise
Vitality and Digestive health

Food is our first medicine. By learning how your own metabolism works, you will be more equiped to heal from chronic digestive imbalances and prepare for long term health. Detox programs can be part of the process in order to reset the digestive fire. Digestive health goes a long way : it helps you gain your energy back and is the best preventive care you can do for yourself. 
Stress and Immunity

Chronic stress factors and unexpected traumatic events often cause systemic imbalances such as chronic health issues (allergies, fatigue, skin disorders etc) as well as autoimmune diseases. Ayurveda offers many tools that help you get back on your feet. Quantum therapy can also be used as a complement to pacify the mind.
Fertility to Post partum

Balance your hormones and prepare your body for pregnancy following Ayurvedic nourishing principles. Dietary and lifestyle changes, together with prenatal massages can make a big difference once the baby is here. The Ayurvedic approach to infertility can also help you with PCOS, endometriosis, multiple miscarriages or to support you while on an IVF cycle. 
Periods and Menopause

PMS, irregular cycles, hot flashes, insomnia, etc. Discover the impact that food and stress can have on your cycles, and bring your body back in balance the natural way. This can be combined with our Hormone Yoga Therapy workshops and individualized herbal formulas for even better results. 
Need more information ?
Schedule a complimentary call with Marie Viellard 
What it looks like to work with me:
  • We start with a 90min initial consultation ($300 in person / $200 online). It is an assessment of your current situation, based on Ayurvedic diagnosis principles, together with blood work results or other information you consider helpful. We go over topics such as your dietary habits, your lifestyle habits, emotional issues, sleep patterns, digestive strength, etc.
  • After our session I'll send your personalized protocol : you will be guided on how to incorporate some changes in your life, that will help support your wellness journey. Such a protocol usually includes some new dietary and lifestyle suggestions, as well as a herbal formula or body treatments when necessary.
  • A 60min follow up consultation ($200 in person / $150 online) is suggested after one month of treatment, either to adjust the ligne of treatment and/or to add another set of new habits to your daily routine.
  • Any follow up consultation can be combined with a 60min Ayurvedic massage (for a 90min session in total ; $250) for deeper results. Each massage is different and based on your needs (they usually incorporate warm Ayurvedic oil, head and face massage, energy work and/or acupressure).
  • The frequency of the sessions depend on your needs : some people do well with only one session at each change of season, others need to come once a month. This will all be clarified on the first consultation.
Please note the cost difference whether you choose to book your appointment in person or online : traditional Ayurvedic diagnosis includes tongue and pulse reading, which can only be done in person. An online Ayurvedic consultation can already bring you many benefits but the diagnosis cannot be as accurate. Please take this information into account when booking.