High frequency

Your 3-week program for

emotional wellbeing and creativity

Welcome to the High Frequency 3-week program!
  • An innovative approach to emotional wellbeing and creativity, tailored to your needs
  • A blend of techniques based on traditional Ayurvedic psychology, modern coaching methods, mindfulness tools and spiritual guidance
  • 6 one-on-one sessions to cover the specifics of your situation and support you as far as you want to go
Emotions are vibrational frequencies that are impacting - in a positive or negative way - our overall vibrational state. You can visualize emotions as waves, coming and going through your mind, but also triggering physical responses in your body (digestion, sleep, aches and pain...) and in your energy field.
The purpose of this program is to help you identify the factors, whether internal or external, that trigger emotions that do not serve you. Emotions are supposed to come and go. When they start to crystalize, this is when you know that some work needs to be done to release them. We are here to help you implement the techniques that will work for you in your specific situation.

Work with Uma's founders, Julie & Marie

  • You feel great but are curious about developing a personal practice that can take you to the next level;
  • You feel less energized than usual despite a regular wellness routine;
  • You can feel the effects of self isolation on yourself and your loved ones, and want to do something about it;
  • You feel anxious, irritable, depressed, self-critical or simply bored;
  • You need to feel that boost of energy, keep the inspiration coming and connect with your creativity again.
  • You want to be prepared for what's coming!
  • Review and personalization of your daily routine based on Ayurveda (sleep patterns, exercise, self care routine...)
  • Identification of the foods that are feeding your emotions
  • Coaching techniques to dive deeper into your life goals
  • Relaxation, breath work and active meditation techniques that transform emotional patterns
  • Energy work through the chakra system to identify and release blocages
  • Release of stored past memories using Akashic readings​ 
  • Use of crystals and colors that help bring energetic harmony

Sign up now

  1. You will meet with us virtually 6 times in total. Each session lasts 45min.
  2. You will alternate sessions between Julie and Marie, over a period of 3 to 6 weeks (either 2 sessions / week or 1 session / week).
  3. You choose to cover whatever topic you like: it can be a general wellbeing approach, working in a preventive manner, or we can be as specific as you like, focusing on one thing in particular. 
  4. Be ready to receive a bunch of information / techniques / audios and videos! 
$425.00 (valid until July 31, 2020)


Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Boost your immunity

Detox your liver

Improve the lymphatic flow

Marie Viellard, founder of Uma Center and Ayurvedic Practitioner will guide you step by step during this simple at home cleanse. 
In Ayurveda every change of season is an invitation for your metabolism to adapt to new temperatures, biorhythms and food. The transition from winter to spring is a very auspicious time for a cleanse as your body's inclination will be to get rid of fat and mucus accumulated during winter. If you listen to your natural urges, you might already feel that you need to incorporate more cleansing foods, eat less and move more. This simple cleanse will help you go through this transition smoothly and set you up for the coming months. 
Your lymph is your body's biggest drain: it travels with the nerves, arteries and veins to remove waste from every cell in your body and to regulate your immune system. It is the first system (called Rasa) that we treat in Ayurveda, together with the blood (Rakta), which is linked to your liver function. This cleanse will help your body do 3 things: reset your digestive fire, increase the lymphatic flow and detox your liver. As a result, all the systems in your body will be properly nourished and function better. 
Consider doing the cleanse if you have one or more of these health concerns:
  • low immunity (getting sick easily)
  • feeling tired and sluggish
  • brain fog
  • feeling bloated, waking up with a puffy face or fingers
  • weight gain and extra belly fat
  • skin issues like acne, rashes or itchiness
  • occasional constipation, diarrhea or mucus in the stool, bad breath
  • mild headaches
  • breast swelling, soreness or mood swings linked to your cycle
Phase 1: I will see you for an online consultation to make a diagnosis of your current situation and needs, and get you started with the cleanse. You will order the herbs you need to kindle your digestive fire and I'll send you a detailed protocol with the foods you need, what your daily routine will look like, and answers to questions you might have. This phase lasts 3 days (or more if you like) and is a pre-cleanse preparation based on a high-fiber, low-fat diet. You will increase you water intake, remove all inflammation-prone ingredients and start preparing your liver and pancreas for the cleanse. 
Phase 2: this is the main cleanse phase which lasts 4 days (up to 7 days if you want deeper effects). I will see you for a quick follow up consultation to get you ready. During this phase you will eat mostly Kitchari, the traditional Ayurvedic recipe made of basmati rice and mung beans, together with vegetables (see picture). This will help you get rid of the fat-soluble toxins accumulated in your cells, supporting liver and gallbladder function as well as the lymphatic system. This phase ends with a gentle liver flush the night of the 4th day.
Phase 3: right after your liver flush we meet again and prepare you for a re-integration of an easy to digest diet. This phase is as crucial as the others since we need to make sure you rebuild a strong digestive fire. You will also receive recommendations adapted to your own Ayurvedic profile for the current season and the following months.

Book your Cleanse

I am an existing client
One x 45min first consultation
Two x 20min follow up consultations
Personalized and detailed protocol
Full time support via WhatsApp
$150.00 (valid until May 31, 2020)
I am a new client
One x 90min first consultation
Two x 20min follow up consultations
Personalized and detailed protocol
Full time support via WhatsApp
$300.00 (valid until May 31, 2020)
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