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What is the Peace protocol ?
The latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics tell us how most of our paradigms or conditionings originally start in our physical body, specifically the fascia. Since childhood we are constantly receiving information through our senses.

Whenever we identify with some information - whether positive or negative, our body unconsciously crystallizes it. It then takes the form of a sensation, an emotion and a thought, a memory. With time, this is how we create our paradigms, the principles by which we live, our beliefs...

The Peace therapeutic protocol helps you transform physical and emotional patterns, free yourself from them and live a life based on true Love.
PEACE is a French acronym which stands for Processus Empathique d'Abandon Corporel et Émotionnel, or empathic process of emotional and physical surrender.
Why, when and how use this technique
Although you will be able to use this technique on any area of your life, here are the topics that are often covered:
  • relationships: heal from past or present situations. Understand the emotions attached to them (frustration, fear, powerlessness...), where they come from in your past, why you keep repeating the same patterns, etc.
  • addictions (substances, toxic relationships...)
  • health and wellness: cure yourself from chronic pain, understand your relationship with disease and the impact of your subconscious on your healing process.
  • fears and phobias
  • questionings about the meaning of life, your place in the world, your spirituality, etc.
  • complementary technique to traditional therapies
What happens in a consultation
This is a therapeutic technique which is giving you the tools to be fully autonomous afterwards, if you choose so. The consultation lasts 2 hours and can either be done in person or remotely.

The first part of the session is dedicated to your therapeutic goal. We cover the different areas of your life that need attention (personal situation, professional, health, finances, etc) and refer to past events/memories that might be useful, going back to childhood when necessary.
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The therapeutic part lasts between 30 and 45min. You lie down in silence while I guide you through the scene(s) that need attention, covering the sensations and emotions attached to the chosen topic. The body can release whatever was crystallized in the fascia, while the mind frees itself from its conditionings. By doing so, the heart can reconnect with its true nature - pure Love, detached from any expectation or fear.

The protocol is recorded so you can then use it at home on any other subject that might come up. The different topics listed during the consultation will be a good starting point if you want to work on your own. If you feel the need to come back to further work together, one session a month is a good frequency.