Upon booking your initial consultation at Uma Center, you will receive a comprehensive intake form to fill out digitally and email back to us before the day of your session. We also encourage you to share any blood work or other tests that you may consider relevant. 
The initial consultation can be done in person or virtually. It lasts 90min and we ask you a lot of questions to establish a diagnosis following the principles of Ayurveda. We also go over the basics of Ayurveda if you are curious to learn more about it.
We offer you 2 options for your first visit : we can dedicate the whole time to going deeper in the diagnosis and treatment protocol, or we can set aside some time (30min to 40min) for a Marma treatment (acupressure) to start working on your Doshas. This can be decided on the day of your consultation.
At the end of this consultation you will have a clear idea of the protocol that is best for you, as well as the frequency and quantity of follow up sessions you will need. You'll also leave with individualized basic lifestyle and dietary recommendations that are easy to incorporate in your daily routine, together with a herbal formula if necessary.
Initial consultations
Initial consultation (90min) virtual or in person - $300
Initial consultation (50min) + Marma therapy (40min) in person - $300
Follow up consultations 
Follow up consultation (45min) virtual or in person - $200
Follow up consultation (30min) + Ayurvedic treatment (60min) in person - $250
Wellness massages
Discovery Abhyanga massage (60min) - $250
Discovery Marma massage (acupressure - 60min) - $250
Ayurvedic sport massage (60min) - $250
Prenatal Ayurvedic massage (60min) - $250
Postnatal Ayurvedic massage (60min) - $250
Therapeutic body treatments (coupled with your follow up consultations)
Therapeutic Abhyanga massage - $250
Therapeutic Marma massage - $250
Back treatment (sciatica, lumbar, scoliosis, shoulder and neck, etc) - $250
Lymphatic massage - $250
To get the most benefit from the variety of therapeutic approaches and body treatments that Ayurveda can offer, we strongly recommend combining them with an Initial consultation. This way, all treatments will be tailored to your unique Ayurvedic profile and personal needs.
We can offer packages that suit your needs and the frequency of your future visits, based on the recommended protocol established during your Initial consultation.
Some insurance policies cover Ayurveda or massage for certain conditions. Please contact your insurance provider if necessary, and we will happily provide you with a receipt that will help you be reimbursed for your treatment. 
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The information provided in this website is for educational purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for, or considered as medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription. We encourage our clients to consult a licensed health care professional before using any herbal products, before beginning any new exercise or health regime, and for any persistent problem or complaint.

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