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The women's group cleanse for digestive and hormonal balance 

October 20 - November 2nd
14 days to feel at your best !


In Ayurveda every change of season is an invitation for your metabolism to adapt to new temperatures, biorhythms and food. During the transition into the fall season your body starts sending signals showing it is ready to get rid of what it doesn't need anymore ! The Ayurvedic approach to cleansing focuses on the digestive and hormonal function as well as your lymphatic system, while nourishing the mind. As always I will guide you every step of the way to adapt the program to your needs.
Marie Viellard

Your lymph is your body's biggest drain: it travels with the nerves, arteries and veins to remove waste from every cell in your body and regulate your immune system.

This cleanse will help you:
lose weight, burn toxins, boost energy, improve your mood
and immunity while regulating your female hormones

You won't be starving, have any blood sugar crashes, or need to change your schedule. This is a gentle, yet powerful cleanse that can be done in the midst of your normal routine.
Consider doing the cleanse if you have one or more of these health concerns:
  • low immunity (getting sick easily) during fall and winter
  • feeling tired and sluggish, hypoglycemia
  • brain fog, altered memory
  • feeling bloated, waking up with a puffy face or fingers
  • weight gain and extra belly fat
  • skin issues like acne, rashes or itchiness
  • occasional constipation, diarrhea or mucus in the stool, bad breath
  • mild headaches, hormonal imbalances
  • breast swelling, soreness or mood swings linked to your cycle

I suffer daily from stress as well as poor digestion. The past months, I have had a hard time getting up from bed, and felt the usual afternoon slump at 4PM. I couldn't identify what was going on in my body and it was worrisome. So I challenged myself to a 3-week spring cleanse with Marie. And it yielded tangible results almost immediately. I felt so much energy from the minute I opened my eyes in the morning to nightime, and I had the best sleep quality in years. I felt no longer bloated after each meal and I enjoyed the self-care practices daily. The weight loss, which was not my priority, was a great surprise. I am already excited to start another cleanse in fall.

Chloé S.

What happens during the cleanse ?

Phase 1 - PREPARE
4 days
Body rehydration
Easy to prepare high-fiber, low-fat meals
Gentle self-care routine
Personalized herbal formula
Phase 2 - CLEANSE
7 days
Body rehydration + ghee therapy
Cleansing kitchari (see below) + veggies
Self-care routine + journaling
Personalized light liver flush end of phase 2
Phase 3 - RESTORE
3 days
Easy to digest seasonal meals
Gentle self-care routine
Finish herbal formula
Personalized plan for fall
What is Kitchari ?
Kitchari is the traditional Ayurvedic cleansing recipe made from basmati rice and mung beans. It stabilizes your blood sugar so you won't feel hungry. Meanwhile, it helps your body get rid of the fat-soluble toxins accumulated in the cells, supports the liver and gallbladder function as well as the lymphatic system. It is really delicious and kids love it !
Optional body treatment
When done in India, a cleanse (called Panchakarma) includes daily Ayurvedic massages and other body treatments. Knowing the difference those treatments make on the results at the end of a cleanse, we offer you the possibility to incorporate personalized Ayurvedic treatments while on your cleanse. 
Optional quantum therapy
When doing a cleanse, you may observe different emotions or memories coming to the surface. The cleanse invites you to observe and welcome what emerges. Sometimes the first instinct is to bury it back as it seems too painful to be vulnerable. If you need emotional support along the way, you have the option to include a quantum healing session in your package.
Your 14-day detox program
Program details and milestones :​
  • Start with a 20min diagnosis phone call with Marie
  • Order your herbal formula and kitchari kit, read your manual
  • October 18 at 6:30pm : zoom call to launch the program
  • October 20 : beginning of Phase 1
  • October 23 : zoom meeting end of Phase 1 - Phase 2 Q&A
  • October 30 : zoom meeting end of Phase 2 - Phase 3 Q&A
  • November 2 : end of cleanse - Follow up Q&A
Still have questions before getting started ? Book a complimentary call with Marie :
Cleanse program = $200
Cleanse manual + herbal formulas + cleansing kit = $110
TOTAL $310