Meditation Group
Let's collaborate !

You would like to host a private self-care event at home, or create a corporate wellness program tailored to your needs ? 

You are a hotel-spa or a restaurant owner and would like to incorporate Ayurveda to your services or menu ? 

You are interested in hosting a conference about health and wellness ?

Check out some of the services we offer, either in person or online or email us your request.
Home Events
  • Private women's health workshops
  • Private yoga class and meditation
  • Learn the basics of Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda cooking class
  • Women's weekend retreats
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Private yoga class and meditation
  • Corporate consultations
  • Private sound bath
  • Corporate retreats
  • Staff training in Ayurvedic body treatments
  • Staff training in Ayurvedic consultations
  • Consulting in Ayurvedic nutrition
  • Healthy and seasonal eating 
  • Wellness treatment menus
Customer References
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Media kit and pricing guide available upon request.