Marie Viellard


Founder of the Uma Center

Ayurveda & Prana Therapy 

Holistic Health Coaching

Hatha & Kundalini Yoga


European Institute of Vedic Studies, Lausanne

Vinayak Ayurveda & Panchakarma Foundation, India

Institut de Gasquet, Paris

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York


Women's health

Fertility, pregnancy & postpartum, menopause

Stress management, digestive issues, sleep

Auto-immune disorders

Marie has dedicated herself to traditional healing techniques since 2012. She came across Ayurveda while completing her teacher training in Hatha Yoga. Ayurveda's mind-body-spirit way of healing gave her a whole new perspective on how to deal with chronic illnesses, along with hope and keys to reclaim her own health.


Since then, Marie’s passion is to share the many benefits and simple solutions offered by Ayurveda, whether in the form of dietary recommandations, lifestyle changes, herbal treatments or traditional Ayurvedic massages. She also integrates Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and energy healing as part of her therapeutic approach.

Always trying to reach people’s heart through great compassion, Marie offers a unique blend of techniques tailored to each person’s needs.